Idiot Runner!

Whenever I see runners in extreme heat or extreme cold or in lightning, I think to myself, "WTF are they doing???"

However, I can't count the number of times I've actually been an "idiot runner." Today was one of those days.

I went at 10 am because it was much cooler at 10 am that at 11 am (NOT!). Slow long run was the plan for the day. I quit at 1 hr and 25 minutes instead of 1:30 scheduled. My coach thought it was a good idea to call it early (did I mention I now coach myself?). I ran 9.66 miles or about an 8:48 pace over all. I carried water and stopped at a Kum and Go to refill (local gas station, and yes the name barely passes Iowa's decency laws!) . People can be really nice when you look like you are about ready to pass out due to the heat; or maybe they were just thinking IDIOT RUNNER!

Heat Index at the end of my run = 104.

YTD miles - 1496.7

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