Umm..yeah, blogging taking a backseat to busy life...

We are all busy. I'm quite sure of it. When I run into people that I know, the conversation usually starts out with "I've been busy doing....." or ends in some form of "well, nice talking to you, I've gotta go do ...." I am in that camp. My roles as a dad, husband, runner, cub scout leader, chauffeur, grocery buyer, cleaning crew, various asst coaching and coaching positions seem to keep me pretty busy. Oh yeah, and working - did I mentioned I changed jobs in November? Yes after being with the same company for 10 years, it was time for me to make a change so that happened as well. Melissa and I have decided that being busy with a 6 and 9 year old should not be a bad thing. We are taking a new approach and appreciating and enjoying each moment with our kids. We've had a busy winter and hence the limited blogging. Also, quite frankly, this blog is mostly about running. After Equalizer, I had some down time running (my wife would not agree) but I wasn't really training for anything. I really was just running for the joy of it. Not training for anything too specific, I now know that I'm runner that needs that next big goal, so I signed up for a race... However... I had Post Oak in Tulsa on my list for an early spring run, however, the sad loss of my wife's grandmother interrupted those plans. (Yes, I'm in the results, but a running buddy, took my spot - we did re-register, but apparently it didn't make it into the updated results.) Now, in a couple weeks, I'm heading to KS to do a trail marathon. Not an ultra, but a solid trail run to get me ready for a few summer races. I'll make sure to have a write up for the race. I will say that I'm running stronger than I have in the past at this point in the calendar year. For training runs, I recently pounded out an unofficial 1:29 half marathon time; an 18 mile run at 7:01 pace, had a couple 90 mile weeks, and hit the hills and trails hard. The only thing that I haven't had is a run over 4 hrs. When I sign up for a longer race than 26.2, I'll need to cross that bridge - but feel confident when the time is right. Good luck to all my running buddies doing Boston next week - enjoy the experience!

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