two in one day

Today's workout called for a split workout. In the AM, I hit some speed work with 4 X 5 min with 3 min recovery. The 5 min speed work was done at the following paces: 6:45, 6;45, 6:40, and 6:35. Total with warm up and cool down was 6 miles. In the PM, I did an easy recovery 32 minute run - 4 miles even. Total miles for the day - 10.

With the two workouts today, nutrition was a top of mind. Planning out meals through today was important as I now see I need to plan my proper fuel for my body throughout the day. I give myself a good rating for the day - it would have been better if those work meetings didn't get in the way!

I started out the day with a bowl of oatmeal and a two egg white omelet with bell peppers . I was busy in meetings today, so a quick mini bagel with natural PB was my mid morning snack. I hit my morning run around 11 am and grabbed a clif bar for recovery. I had a smart ones cheese and chicken enchilada along with spinach and fat free dressing and yogurt for lunch. My afternoon snack was an apple with PB. I then hit my afternoon 30 min run around 5 pm, and ate a hamburger and salad for supper. With all the running, I wanted to make sure I was getting enough protein. So for my after supper snack, I made a chocolate shake with this and ice cubs. This chocolate shake always hit the spot for me.

2/1 - 6.55 miles

2/2 - 6 miles speed work and 4 miles easy (split) - 10 miles total

YTD - 191.10

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