Running weather, kids, and the Twins!

The weather has been great here the last couple of weeks. The trees and flowers are blooming and it feels great to get outside and run. Getting out and running is really fun when the weather is as nice as it has been!
My oldest son's under 9 baseball team rocks. My son throws the baseball harder than I have ever thrown a ball - yes, even today he can out throw me!

My other son is playing tee ball. He gets bored and doesn't understand why he can't play "big boy" ball. Why does he want to grow up so fast? Tee ball is the best - there are no losers, everyone hits, and everyone is always safe!!

Just so I don't forget to log the miles - here are the past couple of weeks of runs. There is a race in there and I'll do a race write up soon.

4/9 - 10.33 miles - 10 x hill workout
4/10 - Easy 6.5 miles
4/11 - 7.5 miles
4/12 - OFF (Taper for race week!)
4/13- 8 miles
4/14 - 7 miles
4/15 - OFF
4/16 - 4 miles
4/17 - 16.5 miles (1 mile warm-up - 15.5 mile race - 1 hr 51 minutes and change - 7:11 pace for the trail race - write up soon!)
4/18 - 6.5 miles easy
4/19 - 7 miles easy
4/20-13.15 miles easy

YTD - 794.24 miles.

Oh yeah - after the race on Saturday - I was treated by my rock'n bro to this:

What a great afternoon!! By the way - the Twins won this game against the Royals! Twins are the best!

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