10/13 - Spinning/lifting

Today was a spin day after my day in the pool. I lifted before class (upper body only at this point due to the stress fracture), and started out spinning 15 minutes prior to the 45 minute class. Lisa, one our wellness consultants here at work, taught the almost full class. Lisa does a great job of keeping me motivated through the class - she always makes me give an extra 10% effort beyond what I tend to think is my all out effort. Nice class Lisa!

Prior to class, I lifted - I'll admit - my lifting is not great, so I'm open if anyone has any thoughts on how to improve my routine. Here is what I did today - all three sets of 10 reps on the following on machines:

  • lat pull down
  • bicep curl
  • chest press
  • lateral raise
  • row
  • triceps push down
  • fly
  • shoulder press

Between class and the upper body workout, I ran out of time to do my core routine. I'll do that tonight as I watch the biggest loser.

Food is becoming more and more important to me - I am really starting to get into a habit of eating whole foods as best I can. For example, today I made a salad for lunch. Salads can be tricky, but I found this handy container where you put the dressing in the top and it keeps is separated from the salad until I'm ready to eat. I like this container!

As you can tell - yes, I do eat at my desk!!

As far as what was in the container, it was a pretty easy. I used about a cup and half of baby spinach, about three large strawberries sliced, a tablespoon of light balsamic vinaigrette, and about 1/8 of a cup of feta cheese. This is one of my favorite salads. Sometimes, when I need a bit more, I'll put some grilled chicken or some turkey from deli on this. Yummy! Also, I'm going to try this with beans instead of meat sometime - like red kidney beans!

Along with the salad, I had 4 oz of 2% cottage cheese to help get the protein count up, and a handful of grapes for the sweet taste I need at the end of lunch!

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