10/28 - Swim and swim

Today's workout was a long swim. It has been close to a week since I was in the pool. Swimming is boring. Let's face it, following the black line on the bottom of the pool lap after lap gets old after 5 laps.
Today's workout consisted of 64 laps or 3200 meters. So, about 59 of those laps allowed my mind to wander a bit. I thought of things like how much I miss running, how much I'd like to be running, and when I can run again, how much will I be able to run?
I guess I had running on my mind.
Anyway, to kill the time; I broke up the swim routine into the following, taking a 1 minute break between each:
200 meters
400 meters
800 meters
200 meters.
repeat set.
I did the set twice, except my final two hundred, I did 3 x 50 meter sprints on the 1:10. This gave me about 25 seconds of recovery between sprints. I than finished with an easy 50 meters with the kick board.
Food: Right now, I'm trying to increase protein consumption to help me heal. Over the past three days, my calories split by carbs, protein, and fats is about 40%, 40%, and 20%. Eventually and gradually, I'll work to 50%-25%-25% before high mileage training. Right now, I'm focused on becoming leaner, hence more protein and less fats.
I was going to take a picture of the really good salmon sandwich I had today for lunch. But I was too hungry and ate it before I remembered to take the picture!!

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