12/12 and 12/13

Back to outdoor running!

This past weekend, I headed out on two back to back outdoor runs. With all the snow we have received, it was slow going for me, but just what I needed!

On Saturday morning, I headed out with the Saturday morning group. It was great to be back with the group. However, it was difficult to stop after only 6 miles. Many of them were headed out for 10 more miles when I had to depart. I forgot how much I miss the long run, it gives me a chance to challenge myself each week - there is nothing like being done and looking back at a 15+ mile run and giving yourself a pat on the back for the accomplishment.

Sunday was an easy 6.5 mile run with John. Sunday mornings are usually designated for trail runs, but since there is like 3 ft of snow on the trails, we decided to best stay in town.

A twelve mile weekend? I'll take it. Patience and progress is my mantra at this point.

I did set myself a goal - I recently signed up for the Psycho Wyco trail run in February. The race offers a 10 mile, 20 mile, and 50k option. I signed up for the 20 mile run and will shoot for it. One of the hardest courses ever but run by a great trail running group out of KC - the trail nerds.

The plan is take today off of running (likely elliptical and some strenght training today) and hit a couple of easy runs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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