12/29 - Hill Running in snow

Okay, this is my buddy John running with me over lunch today. Do you see how many layers he is wearing?

Some people are not so bright. I was in the locker room getting ready to run in the 4 degree weather today and had a similar set of clothing to what John has pictured above. I was pulling on my running pants, and had two long sleeve tech shirts, a turtle neck, and a running jacket piled up on the bench that runs through the locker room. Next to the pile of clothes, was my winter hat, running mittens, and sunglasses.

This guy changing next to me asks: "So, are you going outside?"

Hmm, how should I respond? Should I say, "No, I'm just putting on these clothes to go run on the treadmill." Or "Do you think I should wear shorts instead?"
Instead, I opted for the gentle nod of the head, and responded "Yep, I just have to bundle up a bit."

Then, again, he responded with "Geez, you must love to run."

Okay, here I was taking 10 minutes to get dressed to run in the really cold weather. I thought he was the one with the dim light, but now that he said it that way, maybe I am the one that is not so bright!

Today's run was the hills labeled "Pain". Enough said. These are 7.5 miles of killer hills. Mix it up with the snow and ice, and you get a perfect training run for an upcoming trail run.
If you take a look at John's shoes from the previous picture, you'll notice one way not to slide. Simply just put screws in the bottom of your shoes. (You can see where the snow/ice gathers around the head of the screws on the heel of shoe in the close up picture below.) John mentioned the screws were beginning to wear down. Instead of "unscrewing" the old screws, he opted to add some more. At least 15 screws in each shoe.

Okay, so let's recap. Who is not so bright? A guy who states the obvious or a guy who takes 10 minutes to get dressed and puts screws in the bottom of running shoes? In this situation, I'd like to think there is an option C.

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