1/11 - Day off (of Running)

Rest days are important to build into a schedule. I know this because, well, I've heard it like a million times. As John would say, if you would get faster by just running, you would actually speed up during a run. It is the rest and recovery which allows those running muscles to get stronger.

So - today, a day off.

In my training schedules, every 3 or 4 weeks is a "light" week to help rest/recover from training. I haven't been all that consistent lately, but this week is a scheduled light week. One short tempo run, a few days at 40 min or less, and a 60 min weekend run. Prior to the stress fracture, I would have done a bit more during the week this week; however, I now know my body needs this time to recover, so it will remain a light week.

I haven't been writing much lately since most of the time has been on the treadmill. Nothing special, just running along. This past week was a great week of running for me - the first solid week in a long time. Here is what I did since 1/6.

1/7 - 4 miles
1/8 - 6 miles
1/9 - 5 miles
1/10 - 11 miles

51.7 miles - YTD

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