Chewable Tablets???

A pretty uneventful couple of days of running. Yesterday was an easy 5.25, and today was a 20 minute race pace. Here is the breakdown of today's run:
10 minute warm-up - 8 min pace
10 minutes at 7:08 pace
5 minutes at 6:58 pace
5 minutes at 6:53 pace
15 minutes cool down - about 8 minute pace
-about 5.95 miles total.

Running at race pace helps me to go faster. Recovery and nutrition are key to help keep this speed.

After the run, for my recovery snack (needs to be consumed within 30 minutes of an intense workout), I had one of my favorites - Cliff Bar - Oatmeal raisin walnut

Also, I have a nutritionist who recommends that I take fish oil in addition to a multi-vitamin. I have some issues swallowing large pills, so I take children's chewable multi-vitamin aka the Target brand that look a lot like Flintstones vitamins. I have been looking for some good fish oil tablets as well. My nutrition suggested these for me:

I had to order these online - but will let you know how these taste when I get them. They are strawberry flavored. Hopefully, they won't taste like strawberry fish.

1/25 - 5.25 miles
1/26 - 5.95 miles
YTD - 131.85 miles

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