1/6 - Not so easy 8

For the non long distance folks, 8 miles of running seems like a long ways. For some of us who run long, or "ultra" long - 8 miles is suppose to be an easy day - a solid hour run. When comparing this to say a 6 hour training run day, an hour sounds short.

Any way, I once again stayed inside, used the "variable" setting on the treadmill to get in some hills, never below an incline of 1.5 to mimic wind resistance outside. I ran at a solid 7:41 pace and did 8 miles in about 62:30.

About six months ago, I would feel refreshed and energized after a nice easy run such as that. Ugh.... not so much today.

8 miles kicked my butt. However, getting a midweek 8 mile run under my belt felt good and is quite a confidence builder. Now, if I could just take a nap.....

YTD - 25.7 miles

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