Yummy - more pancakes!!

Saturday morning was a scheduled long run - well, long when you are coming back from an injury - 13 miles.

The 13 outside was actually nice. I managed to do about 8 miles on my own before joining a few people for 5 miles. I was able to run a sub 8 min pace on the first 8, then eased up to 8 and half min pace with the group.

3 weeks to Psycho. I signed up for 20 miles. With the event so close, I thought it was time to hit some trails.

John and I decided Saturday to hit the trails on Sunday to help prepare. Well, the first mile was hard. The trail was rough, mostly snow with ice on the top. Just enough that you could run on top of the snow, but about every three steps, your foot sinks about 8 inches into the snow. It was great high knee running. Since the first mile took 13 minutes, we decided to hit the roads after 20 minutes.

Yikes - hopefully Psycho won't be this bad. John and I had a discussion about which is worse to run in - Mud or Snow? Neither is good.

After the trail run on Sunday, I came home to find this:

Yummy!! Dutch Baby Pancakes with Blueberry Compote - This is from the cookbook:

About 310 calories, 11 g of protein, 53 g of carbs, 3 g of Fiber.

In the book, it calls for peach compote. I'm really happy Melissa made it with the blueberries. Just what I wanted after the cold snow packed trail run. Thanks Melissa!

Sat - 13 miles

Sun - 6 miles

YTD - 120.65

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