Easy run with Matt and Carla

Easy 6.2 miles today with a couple of running buddies - cousin Matt and Carla. We circled around the capital and then headed up and down the east side of the river today.

They crack me up. We talked about a wide range of topics - it ranged from nutrition (or lack there of), to a church retreat, to Carla's new running pants. Of course, to get into specific details of certain topics would break the running code.

The running code is similar to the Las Vegas theme - what is talked about on the road, stays on the road. The only exception to the code is if there is a subsequent run where a previously absent runner needs to be caught up on a topic. If you want to hear all the juicy topics, just run with Matt and Carla.
I forgot my camera, otherwise I would have taken a picture of me laughing at the duo. I'm trying to take the camera with me on a few more runs to get some pics up.

Instead of pic of them, here are my new shoes:

Recently I bought these - if nothing else, at least they look fast. Having a new pair of kicks makes me happy as well. These are the Asics GT-2150. A physical therapist let me know these shoes have the Duomax middle section of the shoe, which may help dampen the impact of foot on the road, which can help reduce the chances of a re-occurring stress fracture.
Let's review the fun run items that I have learned over the past few runs -
1. Make each run fun - somehow
2. Do something on a run that will make you smile (like window knocking)
3. Run with people that crack you up
4. New shoes

Today's run was 6.2 miles
YTD: 101.65

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