8/10 Run

Easy 5.5 miles today as the taper begins for Lean Horse. No issues with the run, all good.

My thoughts have been on Lean Horse though. I've bought the sample sizes of the different electrolyte replacement powder mixes: 4 from Clif and 4 from HEED.

Some people may think I should have had this figured out weeks ago. Yep, they are right. However, I have determined that sweet drinks, like Gatorade and G2, seems to cause me some stomach issues. This only took me a few years to figure out and became apparent over the last couple of weeks. Therefore, I know need to try something different during crunch time to Lean Horse.

I drank some of the HEED Strawberry today. It was actually pretty good. Not too sweet at all. For Lean Horse, I plan to premix which ever electrolyte replacement flavor wins in my own reality elimination show of "Drink or Toss: Which electrolyte supplement can go the distance?" I'll place the winning flavor into small plastic baggies and carry a couple of them at a time an have some in my drop bag.

I'll post the winner in a few days.

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