90 minutes easy run

Today's run was an easy 90 minutes, it was an easy 10 miles for me as the taper is in full effect for Lean Horse. The Saturday morning group was in full force today including Wes, but unfortunately not Bill. My running buddy's wife put together a breakfast for the group to wish John well on his 100 miles. The breakfast buffet was awesome - a post run dream with chocolate mile, fruit, bagels, egg casserole, and much more!

If you asked me how I decided I was running or racing 50 miles, I don't know that I actually ever decided. I know at some point I had to register, but even then, not sure I had much of a decision.

The discussion originally came up when John was thinking about running a 100 mile race. From what I remember many months ago, the discussion went something like this:

John - "I'm thinking about running a 100 mile race in the fall. There is one in August that might work out well. The only problem is it is a long ways away. I can't go by myself and drive back that far just after running a 100 miles. I think I may need a driver."

Me - "Huh, do they have anything shorter than a 100 mile race, if there is, I could maybe help drive back."

John - "yes, there is a 50 miler, that would work out well for both of us."

So there you have it - that is how I am running 50 miles. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the adventure, I am up for the challenge, and there is nothing like running a full day. I am passionate about running, and am looking forward to it. But if John didn't need a driver, I'm not sure if I would be doing this crazy thing!!

One week to go!

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