8/13 Easy run - 6 miles - tough hills

Today was scheduled to be an easy run on tough hills. I didn't want to go too long as the schedule only called for 50 minutes of running. I went on the route that is affectionately known as "Pain".

It is about as hilly as you can get in Des Moines. The winding hilly run through the South of Grand neighborhood is always challenging.

Today's running route reminded me of a couple of guys who showed me the route about 7 years ago, and whose company I miss as I haven't run with either of them in a long time. These two guys played a significant role in my life - they introduced me to the "long run".

I remember when I first started running to lose weight. One of my co-workers noticed I had lost a bunch of weight, knew I was running over lunch, and one day asked if I wanted to tag along for an easy 5 miles.

He was tapering for an Iron Man. Remember when your mom or dad told you to not "run with the wrong crowd?" I think my mom had something else in mind, but I started my long distance training with a small group of guys who thought the half iron man distance was barely worth doing.

Next week, I'm heading off to attempt my first 50 mile run. I have a problem, I run way to much, and probably should blame these two guys.

Thanks guys!

FYI.... Yesterday, I tried the Cran-Raz Clif drink. Too sweet, it has been tossed. Today, I mixed half a packet of HEED sublte Mandarin Orange with 20 oz of water. This half mix is about perfect. It is now a strong contender to win out and be used at Lean Horse.

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