8/7 Long Run in the rain

Earlier this week, I had a discussion with my running buddy John about doing the weekend long run together on Friday instead of Saturday. We decided to run, along with others from our running group. We had a nice size group for the day, a total of 9 runners, with a few people just running their normal daily run to others running 20 miles.

I'm training for the 50 mile race at Lean Horse, 20 miles to me should be easy. John is training for the 100 mile race at Lean Horse, 20 miles to him is barely worth getting out of bed.

Yesterday, I emailed John and let him know it was suppose to rain and it could get pretty nasty with some storms.

His reply was simply - "It's only 3 hours, how wet can we get?"

Okay - there are a couple of things wrong with this question. The first part of the statement/question is "only 3 hours". Ummm...ONLY 3 HOURS of running...seriously, we have a problem and probably should seek help.

The second part of the question/statement is "how wet can we get?" Yeah, we got wet. It was the kind of wet you get to your core. The rain was a nice novelty when we started....it cooled us off, kept us smelling better (vs. stinky sweat), etc. By the time we were done, my shoes had that "squish, squash" sound to it, the sound that only occurs when you carry 5 extra pounds of water weight in your shoe.

At one point, I turned to John and asked him a question. He turned back to me and said "What? I can't hear you because your shoes are too loud!"

To which my reply was "Huh, how wet can we get??"

Two weeks until Lean Horse!

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