8/19 - Easy hills 6.2 miles

Today's run was a rolling hill route known as Spook. Part of the route is on a obscure gravel road that leads into the back of Water Works Park. The road is in town, but is one of only a few gravel roads left. I choose the route for this purpose, I'm running a good portion of the 50 mile run on gravel this weekend and wanted to get as much time on gravel as I could.

My mind began to wonder about "Spook"....

There is a particular 1/2 mile stretch where the route gets its name. Legend has it a popular Des Moines chef was murdered on the side of the gravel road sometime around the middle of the last century by the Mafia. Runners have since claimed strange happenings along the stretch of the road. For example, one of the runners was out on a hot 80 degree day but when he reached this stretch, it was so cold he could see his breath!! Another claims instead of taking the normal 4-5 minutes to this stretch, he seemed to lost a half of time.

Anyway, the story and runners' stories went through my head during the run today. It was a nice break from thinking about the impending 50 mile run.

What?? A 50 mile run?? Maybe, I need to think about that a bit......

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