8/4 Run - Temp

It's hot out there. Normally this time of year in the midwest, I have no problems with running in 90 degree weather. This year, has been different though. With the cooler temps, my body is not even close to being use to the hot weather runs.

I was scheduled to do 40 minute tempo run with 10 minute warm-up and 10 minute cool down. I went out to follow the plan. At 10 minutes, I picked up my pace and my first mile was right at a 6:45 as planned. Second mile - 6:44, third mile 6:45, fourth mile - 6:44, fifth mile 6:50. Whew - that was hard! Water break! Now time for the cool down. What?? No way do I have another mile left???? Forget it, too $#%^* hot!

Okay, it is important to listen to your body right? My body was telling me to forget it. This time, I acutally did. A 16 minute cool down is no problem. I'll take the run in this heat. What is tomorrow's forcast???

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