8/6 Run and other thoughts

Okay - today was an easy 5+ miles on the Rocket Run. Basically an out an back with a slight loop at the end that goes by an old slide that is in the shape of, you guessed it, a rocket. 5.25 miles at 8:10 pace.

Nothing special today about the run, but on the way to work, something odd happened. Actually, when I left the house this morning, I didn't even think I was running today - instead a cross training day with a planned swim. However, the thought had crossed my mind, maybe I should run? Okay, I'll follow my instincts, take the day to swim.

However, you know how some people people say things happen in 3s? Well, today, it happened to me on the way to work:
Car #1. I was behind a car, there was a sticker in the window - it was of a stick runner with the runner surrounded by the words "Never Quit"
Car #2. After Car #1 turned off my route, car #2 was in front of me. The vanity license plate stated "RUNKATH". Not sure what this meant, but I did know what the first three letters did.
Car#3 - just prior to pulling into my parking lot, another car had one of those little round oval stickers in the window. The oval simply stated "26.2".

By the time I stepped out of my car, I decided I better just run over lunch. The question is, did I want to change my mind so I just noticed these things, was it really fate or some other higher power that put those items in place for me to see, OR am I just that passionate/delusional about running that I notice everything running?

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