9/11 - 13 miles 8 min pace

It was a warm and humid run this afternoon. I ran a 7 miles before picking up Carla for 6 miles. All the miles were right around 8 minutes. It seemed pretty hard - amazing to me that just three weeks ago I completed 50 miles and now 13 feels hard to do at the 8 minute pace.

For the first 7 miles, I ran around the Marriott hotel for a couple of laps, headed out for 6 miles, and came back to finish up around the Marriott while waiting for Carla to start the last six.

Why? The Circus is in town; specifically, Britney's Circus. There were about 5 different tour buses surrounding the hotel, and Britney was likely somewhere inside.

The first thing Carla asked was "Did you see her?" Nope. We headed out on the the remaining 6 miles of my run. I was hoping Brit might come out and want to run a quick 5 miles with Carla and I. After meeting us, she would comp us tickets for tonight's circus show and be her special guests since we are just that cool.

No such luck. Apparently it is a strength training day for Brit.

Dave Mathews will be in town in a couple of weeks - anyone know if he is a runner?

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