9/16 - Swim - Shaq vs.

Okay, since I'm off of running for the immediate future, I have to focus on a new challenge.

I think I found it. I want to beat Shaq in the water.

Did anyone else see Shaq vs. last night when he took on Michael Phelps?

Okay - I really don't set the bar all that high, but I wanted to go to the pool today to see how I could compare to Shaq, at least in the pool. I'll admit, he didn't look pretty in the pool, and he looked slowed compared to OLYMPIC athletes. Don't get me wrong, he is not a pro, but his times were decent.

For his 25 meter race, I believe he raced it in 18 seconds. For the 50 meter, he swam it in something like 38 seconds. (I can't seem to find his actual times on the Internet). Nothing too fast here - but than again nothing too slow.

I figured, I could go to the pool today and beat that time. No such deal. I did swim a half mile before attempting the fast swims, but still, I do occasionally swim and in my mind, look faster than what Shaq did on ABC.

I did two 25 meter runs - 20.1 second, and 19.08 seconds. I did one 50 meter swim fast - 40 seconds. It was hard and I was flying. Crazy a guy as big as Shaq can move that fast in the water. I'm sure he was using all his upper body strength but hey, if it works.....

Okay - new goal for the next couple of weeks - a 37 second 50 meter swim and a 17 second 25 meter swim.

Thanks for giving me something to shoot for Shaq!

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