9/15 - Biking for 45 minutes

Okay, my shin needs help. I went to see the doc for some guidance. Bad news is it may be another stress fracture. Good news is he'll allow me to swim, cycle, and aqua jog during recovery. As for the workout, since the shin is being looked at, I went cycling/spinning for 45 minutes inside today. It was a nice hard 45 minute cycle, almost like running repeats. Almost.

Just to get people caught up - it is either a level 1 or 2 stress fracture (MRI will determine treatment and how long I'll be out) OR it is something with my tendon/muscle irritating my bone - which doc thinks can be corrected with orthopedics and I can still run this fall. Only a MRI will give him a definite answer. He suggested that we could do a trail and error - for example, get fit for orthopedics and see if helps (although it would be up to me if the pain was getting better) OR no running till Jan (assume bad stress fracture and let it heal for 3 months) and start running again; if the pain returned than it is likely not a stress fracture.

Either way, I'm not sure I like this medical elimination approach.

FYI...Our health care system is a mess. Try calling around and getting a quote on "lower extremity without contrast MRI". I received an answer of $991 (after about 3 hrs of calling about 6 different imaging labs, I only received this one answer). That price is before my insurance carrier discount; which I called my insurance carrier and they didn't know what the final price would be. I received somewhere between $700 and $900. Why can't I shop around for MY MRI????

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