9/22 - Update

Okay, the last few days, I have facing a runner's nightmare - Stress fracture. I continued to workout with spinning, elliptical, and swimming so I have still been working out, however, I don't get the same amount of joy from those workouts as I get from running. I guess there is something about a runner's high???

Okay - now for the updates on the MRI. My doctor has reviewed these results. It appears I have a high grade III stress fracture. I'm out of running for 8 weeks. Yikes. That puts me right up against Turkey Day. Even when I return to running, it will be a slow methodical return. In other words - no competitive running until late spring/early summer of next year.

There are many factors contributing to the stress fracture.
1. Nutrition - with the amount of calories and protein I need to maintain for the ultra distance training, I am likely not getting the proper amounts at the key times. Think pre/during/post race nutrition here.
2. Core/General Strength/Flexibility - nuff said - don't do enough of this.
3. Bio mechanics - the front of my tibia is taking more than its share of the workload than needed.

I'm taking a look at options on how to proceed, but likely get some help with all three of these items.

It should be an interesting 8 weeks. Oh yeah - I can still cross train and do some strength training.

Looks like a lot of indoor training for me with the exception of an occasional bike ride.

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