9/8 - Swim

Okay - like my last post said - no pushing the shin recovery. Today was a swimming day. It was a 40 minute lap swim.

Just for the record - I'm amazed at the different builds of people who swim and at which speed some people can swim.

I was between to people today - a young guy who was thin, likely a runner doing some cross training, and an older woman, medium build, who looked like she was totally comfortable in the water.

I was amazed at how skillful the woman was in the water - each stroke was propelling her toward the other end of the pool. As for the young man next to me, his arms were going through the air faster than I could see them but yet he seemed to be swimming in place - not really moving forward at all.

It reminded me to slow down, take it easy, and enjoy what I'm doing. Sometimes it is not about how fast you get to the other side, it is about how you get there and sometimes trying to move too fast just seems to slow you down.

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